Drupal Members List PHP Script Generator

Drupal Members List PHP Script Generator
Version 1.0
© 2007 Developed by Sam Raheb
Released: January 21, 2007
Designed for all version of Drupal
Type: Free Program

System Requirements
Microsoft Excel 2000, 2002, 2003, or 2007 with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) support

Download: Drupal Members List PHP Script Generator

This utility program will create a Members List PHP snippet that you can cut and paste into a node page or block. You only need to enter data into the table on this spreadsheet. The other two sheets are used for support references. To change the drop-down Cell List Box Selection values, edit the values on the "Selections" sheet.

The program only utilizes the data located in the Title and Display columns (red colored fonts). The rest of the data in the table is only for management purposes.

(1) Enter your profile fields in the "Title" column.
(2) Select the fields you want to display in the "Display" column.
(3) Press the "Copy Script to Memory" button and paste the code into your node or block.

Spreadsheet Cell Reference Colors

  • Red font colored cell are user input cells. Enter your data into these cells.
  • Brown font colored cells are users selection cells.
  • Blue colored cells contain formulas. Editing of these cells should be performed by developers who need to modify the code.
  • Black and other font colored cells are code and description labels.

I hope you enjoy this utility. If you do, I would like to know.

Sam Raheb