Can I import my site back into XLEcom

Well, I hate to admit this, but my HD crashed and I didn't have a backup. I do have a site built and running with XLEcom ( Is is possible to import the existing site back into XLEcom from the web or from my webserver?



RE: Can I import my site back into XLEcom


There is no import utility to import published HTML page back into the program.

The only thing I can suggest, and if you know how to write macros, is to create a macro that reads the HTML files (rename the .html file extensions to a .txt extension first), extracts the data based on common HTML tag areas, and places the extracted data into a separate spreadsheet similar to the database spreadsheet. Then transfer the extracted data into the XLEcom.xls file.

Otherwise, it will just have to be a manual cut and paste of data from the web page to the database spreadsheet.

I had my single drive system crash in the past and lost data, that's why now I am running a dual Raid 1 system with 4 mirrored drives.

Since the XLEcom program is relatively small, you can keep a backup on your web server for an off-site backup. Just make sure you first password protect the web server directory where you will store the backup files.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer