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I'm trying to develop my HomePage. I changed the image and typed my own text in the grey box to the right of the image. I extended the width of the image about 20%. When I preview the HomePage it appears like I intended. However, when I publish it, or upload the website to the test server the HomePage appears with my image compressed to original size and the text is all the "Demo" text. Is this happening because I'm using the Demo version or is there something that I am missing.

Thanks, Walt Stevens

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Sam, I tried a restart, cleared the cache and temp internet files, deleted the directory and nothing helped. However, I got it to work.

I probably won't be able to explain this really well because I'm still feeling my way around and don't know all the ins and outs but here is what I discovered.

When publishing, I was selecting a non framed page and to publish without ADS on the home page.

I changed it to make a home page with ads and it worked, when it published and went to the browser it looked like It should and I don't have any ads on the homepage. (Maybe if you can figure out what I or the program didn't understand you can explain it to me.)

I'm happy as a clam right now and I'll press on. I'm just trying to get proficient at making a home page and theme right now, my next task is to upload it to one of your test sites and also to a site that I have just to see if it will do it. The first page has got to look good, I am going to use it to replace two sites that are PHP driven and are really high maintenance. When I get it to where I can actually build the site I will certainly purchase it.

Thanks, Walt

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To help you understand what may be happening in your situation is to be aware of the following:

An XLEcom framed webpage is actually a composite of four (4) different HTML pages. Three (3) outer frame pages [top.html, left.html, bottom.html] and one (1) center body frame page, body.html. The index.html page in a framed site is used as a map definition page whereas it only contains information on how the four mentioned framed pages are laid out with respect to each other. The index.html page does not contain any visible page content.

On the other hand, the index.html page in a non-framed site is a full complete stand-alone HTML page that contains visible content.

Based on this information, it is always best to set the publishing parameter to delete the last published site if you plan on experimenting with both framed and non-framed sites. If you do not deleted the previous published website, and you change from a framed to a non-framed site, or visa-versa, then you may have residual files left over from a previous publish that can make your current published site non-functional or not to display correctly.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

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After following your instructions in previous post, there is no change. I was already doing those additional options.

After trying that, I started to suspect that maybe it was FireFox. However I opened IExplorer and put the URL of C://Program Files/XLECom/Publish/Index.html in the link bar and linked to that page. I went back and checked it with FireFox. Summary: It seems as though when I publish, the index file is not getting overwritten. Any other suggestions?

Thanks, Walt

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If the index file is not getting overwritten, then something is preventing it from being overwritten. This usually occurs when the file is opened or being accessed by another application, thus preventing it from being overwritten. If you cannot find the application that has control of the index file, then restart your computer. Either way, perform the following steps:

(1) Clear your web browser's cache and Temporary Internet files.

(2) Manually delete XLEcom Publish folder. (C:\Program Files\XLEcom\Publish)

(3) Publish the website and view it in your web browser.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

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What you are experiencing is not part of the behavior of the Shareware version. The published pages should appear the same as the preview pages.

Does this happen when you view the published site on your local computer and not from the web server?

Try publishing the site locally again, but first check the check box options "Delete last published web site" and "Open the newly published Web Site in your Web Browser" in the Publish dialog box as shown in the image below.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer