XLEcom Spreadsheet will not open

Hi Sam,

For the past year or so I've used your software and it is just great. Today when I went to update my site I opened Excel and clicked on XLEcom.xls - it opened and then it closed. I also tried the backup spreadsheet and had the same results. I've tried it a few times with the same rewsult. All other spreadsheets open just fine - the only spreadsheets I am having this problem is my XLE-Store sheets.

Can you make some suggestions. I can email you the spreadsheet, if you need it.


RE: XLEcom Spreadsheet will not open


This question has been answered in the past.

See the following posts:

If your copy of the program is registered, then this behavior should not occur.

If you have questions or need technical support, first perform a search for possible answers or solutions before making a post. The search box is located at the top of the page.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer