XLEcom will not open

I downloaded XLEcom today and it only opened once. I'm certain that I'm connected to the internet. It opens just about to the point where it is going to open the database but it just quits at that point.

I restarted and it did not correct it. I then did a complete power off and it did not correct it. Does anyone have experience with this anomoly?


XLEcom will not open (3) - Problem Solved


I did remove the old files and downloaded. It is running fine now. I have tried it several times and started customizing the pages. All is well.



RE: XLEcom will not open

If you just downloaded the program today and it only opened once, then something is wrong. This should not happen.

The only reason this behavior would ever be exhibited is explained in the Software License Agreement and is also mentioned in the following post. Read to see if this applies in your case.

Why the program closes down

If this does not apply to your case, then you need to supply more information about your current system as outlined below:

    (1) Your Operating System:
    (2) Country Version of Microsoft Excel:
    (3) Software Version of Microsoft Excel:
    (4) XLEcom version number:
    (The version number can be found on the "Product Design" sheet, in the bottom right corner.)

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

XLEcom will not open (2)

Hi Sam, thanks for responding. Here are some facts and then an explaination, the reason may well be an expiration issue.

OS: Windows XP Home
Excel 2000 9.0.2720
XLE Version number (Can't get it open to check but it was the latest shareware as of 10/30/06.

However, I did download and try XLEcom shareware version about six months ago and never finished because I got sidetracked on something else. That may be why it is closing down, it thinks the clock has expired, (which it certainly has).

If this is the reason, what is the best way to clean my system out? Will purchasing the license fix it? I don't have a problem with that, I'm sure I can use the program. I'm just leary that the purge of my system of the old version might not be smooth.

Please advise as to the best way to handle this. Thanks for your time in addressing my problem. Walt

RE: XLEcom will not open (2)


The old version will not affect the new version as far as expiration.

Either perform a new installation of the entire program or just download the XLEcom.xls file from the download page.

This behavior should not be exhibited on the new file if only ran once.

This program was designed to run on US versions of Excel.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer