Problems with Drupal Theme Generator 4.0

Hello :)

I downloaded your latest version of Drupal Theme Generator 4.0 and have been experimenting with it, before I use it for more important work.
After successfully making and testing some themes on my pc, both with and without images, I decided to upload all my self-made and the those that come with the software to test them on my site.

The problems is all those with images, ie my self-made and those that came with the software somehow dont show images once uploaded. I could understand that I may have messed up with my own productions, but what of your samples?

What can I do to make all of them work?
To use mine, is it right after saving the values to simply save bluemarine2 (where I discovered the theme related to whatz I was making is being saved) as something else & take it to be my theme? It seemed to work for those not having images.

Regarding using themes for money-making purposes, does written permission from the involve some payment?

Thanks for a quick response.

RE: Problems with Drupal Theme Generator 4.0

Displaying Theme Images
The most likely reason why you cannot see the theme images when they have been uploaded to the web server is due to incorrect directory paths for the themes folders.

Make sure you have set both the "Themes Directory path on your computer" and "Themes Directory path on web server" on the "Settings" sheet correctly within the Drupal Theme Generator program. The cell popup comments should explain this and are stated below.

    Themes Directory path on your computer:
    Enter the relative path to the Drupal Themes directory on your computer starting with a forward slash (/). Do not enter a trailing slash after the directory name.

    Example: /themes

    Themes Directory path on web server:
    Enter the relative path to the Drupal Themes directory on your web server. If your Drupal site is located in the root directory, then start with a forward slash (/). If your Drupal site is located in a sub directory, then do not start with a forward slash (/) Do not enter a trailing slash after the directory path.

    Example (root): /themes
    Example (sub directory): themes

Commercial Use of Themes
There is no cost to make a theme for commercial purposes. Read the License Agreement for more information.

Brief Instructions

Theme Values
These values are retrieved from the Database sheet. To edit or preview a copy of the retrieved theme, press the "Send to >>" button to transfer the "Themes Values" to the "Design Values" column.

Design Values
The Design Values column is used as an edit location for designing your themes. The theme named in the first cell of this column represents the active theme.

The active theme utilizes the file assets of the named theme's folder. Therefore, when you generate either the PHPtemplate, Xtemplate, style.css, or menu.js files, these files are written to this folder. The HTML Theme Previews utilize the images from this folder.

To design a theme using an existing Database theme as a template, first select a theme from the "Theme Values" column and then transfer it to the "Design Values" column by pressing the "Send to >>" button.

(1) To utilize the images, PHPtemplate, Xtemplate, style.css, and menu.js file assets from a particular theme's folder, select an active theme name from the drop-down list box.

(2) Edit only the cell values identified by red colored fonts.

(3) Preview the theme by pressing the "Preview Theme" button. A new temporary style.css and the optional menu.js file will be created in the Preview directory. The images associated with the Preview will be referenced from active named theme directory.

(4) When you done editing / previewing the new theme, transfer it to the Database sheet by pressing the "Save Theme to Database" button. The "Design Values" will be transferred to the Database under the active named theme.

To edit the colors, either select one from the cell's drop-down list or enter in the 7-character HEX code for the color.

Note: If you select a color from the cell's drop-down list, both the name of the color and the HEX code will be entered into the cell. You do not need to remove the name of the color. Only the last 7 characters of the cell value will be used for the color code.

Spreadsheet Cell Reference Colors
• Red font colored cell are user input cells. Enter your data into these cells.

• Blue colored cells contain formulas. Editing of these cells should be performed by developers who want to modify the design of the theme templates themselves, therefore creating a whole different look than that of the original design.

• Magenta colored cells are linked to and controlled by object items such as the scroll boxes and check boxes. These cells must remain intact as is.

• Black and other font colored cells are description labels.

I hope this helps you.

Drupal Program Developer

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer