How to Perform Live Testing on both Paypal and Mal's Shopping Carts

How to Perform Live Testing on both Paypal and Mal's Shopping Carts

Live Test using Paypal's Shopping Cart
I would first suggest that you try out Paypal's "Sandbox" for experimenting with the shopping cart. The "Sandbox" is Paypal's playground for developers.

If the Paypal's "Sandbox" does not fully satisfy your testing needs, then you may want to consider making "Live" purchases to yourself using your credit card to your Paypal account. This way you will be able to see how Paypal handles both currency exchange and shipping in real world situations. The only minor downfall to using this "Live" testing method is that it will cost you some transaction fees for the purchases. To minimize your cost of the Paypal transaction fees, create a few Product Ads with low purchase prices that would just meet the minimum transaction fee. If you cannot afford the transaction fees, you may be able to refund the purchases back to yourself.

For more information on both Paypal's Sanbox and transaction fee schedule, see the following links:

• Paypal's Sandbox: Paypal's Sandbox

• Google Search on Paypal Sandbox: Search for Paypal Sandbox

• Paypal's Transaction Fees: Get a Paypal Account

Live Test using Mal's e-commerce Shopping Cart
You may also want to experiment with Mal's e-commerce shopping cart by using the test credit card number 4111 1111 1111 1111. This way you can fully test your shopping cart all the way through to the final transaction.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer