Multiple Currencies

Hi guys, well things are now taking shape after getting the registration code.

Our products are available to anywhere in the world. I was having shipping cost dramas but to get around that I have just included any shipping and tax costs in the final cost and simply not included a shipping cost to show.

To save me having to load a huge amount of advertisements, I would like to list as many currency options as I can, because like I said our products are purchase world wide.

Can someone please leave detailed instructions on how to do this.

In Mals Cart Site, I see there is only an option for 5 currencies and that is no where near enough for me.

Is there any simple way to do this or am I stuck putting up our range of products for every currency there is :-(

Regards Malcolm

Multiple Currencies - My Workaround

At the moment as a work around I have advertised the cost for Australian buyers which includes delivery and GST Taxes. For the rest of the world I have an email link in the shopping cart to contact us with their country for delivery, also the product numbers and name of the products they require so there is no mix up and we will email them back their final price and an invoice so they can go ahead with their purchase and transfer the funds via paypal.

This is the only way I can see around it for the time being using mals cart.

Regards Malcolm

RE: Multiple Currencies - My Workaround


You should try out the Third Party Shipping Plug-in for Mal's e-commerce. It may ba a solution for your particular situation.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

So what you are saying is to

So what you are saying is to enable this option in my account at


These days you can start accepting credit card payments from customers even if you don't have an account with Paypal yet. To do so just enter your email address in the Paypal ID box, Paypal will contact you when you make your first sale. The link to paypal will use the currency you select on the Language, country and currency set-up page.

This is the ID you use to login at Paypal, it is an email address.

Website Payments Standard
Using the standard Web accept payment method to transfer the customer to PayPal to pay.

Or I have misunderstood what you have said.

I am a bit confused as to how this will fix the problem in the Advertised Pricing?

If I have the advertisement to show in Australian dollars and when they add it to their cart, and proceed to the check out, will this then take them to paypal, and convert everything for them. IE: like when you purchase the registration code from you, it is in US Dollars and then when you purchase it paypal converts it etc and notifies both the seller and purchaser?

The only other thing I am concerned about doing it this way is if the shipping would be correct after conversion?

Sorry for the questions, but I need to get this right so as not to start off on the wrong foot so to speak.

Regards Malcolm

Testing both Paypal and Mal's Shopping Carts


Yes, try enabling the Paypal option in your Mal's account at Mal's website to port the final transactions to Paypal. Then test the shopping cart to see if this will satisfy your needs.

My Experience
First of all, I do not sell typical goods or products on the internet like most people do. I only sell software. I have always used Paypal as a means to sell my software and have always utilize the default US dollar currency format. I had many customers all over the world purchase from me via Paypal without any problems. This is because Paypal has always taken care of the currency exchange for me even though my Add-to-Cart buttons are set for the US dollar currency format. Paypal automatically does the currency conversion at the time of the sale in the final checkout.

Also, I do not need to concern myself with shipping because the software I sell is sold as downloadable shareware. Therefore, I do not have experience with shipping products using multiple currency formats.

Live Test using Paypal's Shopping Cart
I would first suggest that you try out Paypal's "Sandbox" for experimenting with the shopping cart. The "Sandbox" is Paypal's playground for developers.

If the Paypal's "Sandbox" does not fully satisfy your testing needs, then you may want to consider making "Live" purchases to yourself using your credit card to your Paypal account. This way you will be able to see how Paypal handles both currency exchange and shipping in real world situations. The only minor downfall to using this "Live" testing method is that it will cost you some transaction fees for the purchases. To minimize your cost of the Paypal transaction fees, create a few Product Ads with low purchase prices that would just meet the minimum transaction fee. If you cannot afford the transaction fees, you may be able to refund the purchases back to yourself.

For more information on both Paypal's Sanbox and transaction fee schedule, see the following links:

• Paypal's Sandbox: Paypal's Sandbox

• Google Search on Paypal Sandbox: Search for Paypal Sandbox

• Paypal's Transaction Fees: Get a Paypal Account

Live Test using Mal's e-commerce Shopping Cart
You may also want to experiment with Mal's e-commerce shopping cart by using the test credit card number 4111 1111 1111 1111. This way you can fully test your shopping cart all the way through to the final transaction.

If you find a solution to your problem, it would be appreciated if you can post your results as a follow-up comment so others in this same situation may benefit from your research.

I hope this helps you,

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

RE: Multiple Currencies


If you need to support more currency options than Mal's shopping cart can offer, then you may consider porting the final Mal's cart transaction to Paypal. In other words, you can set your Mal's shopping cart to port all final shopping cart transactions to Paypal. See Paypal's website for more information on currency options.

Paypal supports the following currencies (from Paypal's site)

Buy and sell globally with PayPal's Multiple Currencies feature. Use your current PayPal account to make or accept payments in:

• Canadian Dollar
• Euro
• Pound Sterling
• U.S. Dollar
• Yen
• Australian Dollar
• New Zealand Dollar
• Swiss Franc
• Hong Kong Dollar
• Singapore Dollar
• Swedish Krona
• Danish Krone
• Polish Zloty
• Norwegian Krone
• Hungarian Forint
• Czech Koruna

• Pay for purchases in your selected currency
• Payment is automatically converted to your desired currency
• No need to hold a balance in another currency to send a payment

• Accept payments directly in your selected currency
• No currency exchange costs when you withdraw funds to your local bank account
• Manage multiple currency payments using your current PayPal account
• Hold one currency balance and still accept payments in multiple currencies

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer