Displaying Shipping Costs

Hi Sam, I still cant get the shipping cost to show up in my Ad, I am pretty sure all is configured properly in my shopping cart.

Everything else is fine, Ad Design, Site Design etc, I just cant seem to include shipping on the ad, and also it is not showing after you add the item to your cart.

I also want to edit the home page, to only show that I accept Visa and Master Card. I have found the images in the images folder but cant find where they reside on the website to alter it to the 2 payment methods, ie: visa-mc.gif rather than visa-mc-disc.gif

Help! lol.

Regards Malcolm

Thanks for the replies Sam,

Thanks for the replies Sam, I have taken care of the Credit Card image, thank you for that. As far as shipping goes, this is caclulated on the poduct/s ordered and not a specific weight as such. Some may be weight, others on the other hand may be done via metres cubed due to the products size.

What would you suggest?

Regard Malcolm

RE: Shipping for Mal's e-commerce


There is a third party plug-in available for Mal's Shopping Cart that will calculate shipping for you. It is called "Paid Shipping Plug-in for Mals-e.com".

You can get more information about it at auctioninc.com.

Its Features include:

• Domestic Shipping Rates (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL)
• International Shipping Rates (USPS, FedEx)
• Limit International shipping to only the countries you ship to
• Insurance automatically calculated base on order value
• Promotional Tiered Shipping Discounts
• Support for multiple packages
• Customizable User Interface
• Simple Setup - be up and running in minutes

If you check out this XLEcom User's website, parkinglotplanet, you can see how this user integrated the shipping plug-in into the Shopping Cart.

Also refer to the following Forum topic for more information:
How do I pass shipping units to Mal's cart?

I also added this third party plug-in post to the "Other Add-ons and Plug-ins" forum titled: Third Party Shipping Plug-in for Mal's e-commerce.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

RE: Displaying Shipping Costs


(1) Getting the Shipping Cost to display within the Ad

If you are going to use a "standard value" for shipping and want this value to be displayed within the published Product Ads themselves, then also add the shipping value to the Product "Ad Comment" Database field.

(2) Changing the Credit Card Image

To change the credit card image on the website to use the VISA / Master Card image (visa-mc.gif), switch to the Site Design sheet, and run the Site Setup routine. You can change the image in the Left Frame / Area Region dialog box by clicking on the Display Credit Card Image's little yellow folder icon as shown in the image below:

The final step would be to configure your Shopping Cart (via Mal's site) to accept only these two cards and to display the shipping cost when a product is added to the cart.

Take a look at the following User Websites Shopping Carts after you click on an Add-to-Cart button. You can see the shipping cost displayed in the cart.

The State Flag Store

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer