Shipping units function in my hyperlink only the first time

Units function in my hyperlink only the first time.
In some links (working with frontpage) I put the unit parameter with his value

( )example that do not function...

and in some pages I have no problem, it function properly, but in these pages, it don't reflect the value of the units in the shipping cart when I click recalculate button (in some cases reflects units value, only the first time I check)
I have revised lot of times that the code in the hyperlink is right and I have compared the html on both hyperlinks, the good ones and the bad ones and I can't see no difference...

Please, if somebody have been through this or have the answer for this problem, please, help me, I would be very grateful because I really need to solve this trouble to go on

Thanks, Paula Moragon

RE: Shipping units function in my hyperlink only the first time


Without actually seeing or knowing what you are doing, or mentioning the shopping cart you are using, I cannot offer a complete solution. Below are a couple of suggestions.

If you are importing the XLEcom Product Ads into Microsoft FrontPage, make sure FrontPage does not enter any carriage returns or line breaks in the Add-to-Cart form or hyperlink code. Also set FrontPage's publishing properties so that it does not modify or alter the HTML or JavaScript code that was imported.

Try clearing you web browser's cache and try it again. Also make sure your browser is set to accept third party cookies.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer