Pop up ads in xlecom?

I really hate to ask this but I am asking mydomain.com and my hosting service FreeHostia.com to try and find out where this is coming from. I have been working on my site all day today and I've noticed that every now and then when I refresh my home page, I will get a pop up ad from some place called www.registrarads.com which then redirects to something stupid like 'guess this celebrity's name' ad. I notice that it seems to be coming and going as I republish my site, but that may just be a coincedence?

I am placing my bet on my hosting, but I have visited their forum and no one else seems to have this problem. And MyDomain.com mentions nothing of any kind of advertising that I can find. It seems that when I pulish any changes I've made in the xlecom program the pop ups start then go away after a bit, but when I publish again they start again. Any help???

Thank you for the explaination

Thank you for the explaination, I will look into it. Also I don't plan on using the free service very long. I just wanted to make sure I could get everything up and going first before I paid for hosting. They have paid hosting as well and I was planning on upgrading once I was done working out all the bugs and make sure I liked it. Thanks again.

RE: Pop up ads in xlecom?

First of all, the popup ad problems you are experiencing are not a result of using the XLEcom program.

Without knowing your domain or able to view your website, I can't give you the direct reason of why this is happening. However, I can give you an answer that will probably be 99.9999% correct as to the cause of this behavior.

There can be either of two reasons why this is happening.

(1) Your Internet Web Browser has been hijacked by some rouge program causing this problem.

This use to be a big problem that plagued Win 95/98/ME computers, but is less of a problem today if you are using a good anti-spyware / anti-adware software package on an Windows XP computer.

(2) It is caused by the Free Web Hosting provider.

Nothing in life is for free, especially web hosting. These "so-called" free services can state "no ads", but never believe them. They may not serve the ads directly themselves, but on the other hand, they will dynamically modify your HTML code by adding JavaScript code to serve ads from another third party advertising service.

You can see if your published HTML code has been modified by the Free Web Hosting provider by viewing the source code of a page "after" is has been download from their servers via your Internet Web Browser.

Typically these Free Web Hosting services will "dynamically" add a JavaScript code command that calls an external advertisement file from another web server. The added JavaScript code will most likely be a single line of code similar to the sample below.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://annoyingads.com/advert1/adserv.js"></script>

The added code will be located either at the very top or at the very bottom of page's HTML code.

The code is only added to your pages when they are "served" from their web servers via an "http" request. If you download your pages via an FTP transfer, they most likely will not add the code to the pages, thus leaving you blind of what is actually happening.

The reason why the popup Ads only appear initially when you view a page is because the web server is also placing a cookie on your computer the first time you visit the page. If you view the page again, the cookie tells the ad sever not to display the ad again. When you upload a fresh published page to the Free Web Hosting service, this process is repeated again and you will get a new cookie deposited on your computer.

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I hope this helps you,

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

Popup Ad Problem Solved

I found out it was most likely MyDoamin.com. I googled MyDomain.com and registrarads.com and I see a cache of an old post on their forum (which is down right now) that they serve ads on stealthed forwarding.

Anyone happen to know of a place or way to do stealth forwarding without ads? I want to buy multiple domains to point to my main site subdirectories, like mypets.com to point to my pets directory and my party.com to point to my party directory.

RE: Popup Ad Problem Solved

See the following forum topics for setting up Domain Pointers and creating Multiple Stores.

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Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer