Can I use Linklock with this?

Currently on my website I am using just straight HTML with paypal buttons as my shopping cart. I have some digital downloads and some tangibles. The digital downloads use Linklock for payment security before download occurs. Can I use that with this? Where do I put the linklock code?

Any info on this would be most helpful. It's the deciding factor for me whether to purchase or not.


RE: Can I use Linklock with this?


I am not familiar with Linklock, but from my understanding the digital downloads occurs after the purchase occurs. Linklock supports both Paypal and Mal's shopping cart systems. Keep in mind that Mals' cart offers more options than Paypal and can also port the final transaction to Paypal if desired.

As stated from a Linklock Advertisement:
"After a successful purchase Paypal calls LinkLock which will then verify the transaction (using the Paypal IPN system). If the transaction is verified LinkLock will then display the download links for your products and also email them to the purchaser."

Since the Linklock system gets involved after the transaction occurs, there should be no reason why you cannot use XLEcom. XLEcom provides an easy way to generate your Add-to-Cart buttons and you can create custom buttons with individual return urls using XLEcom's Multiple Price Options Add-to-Cart Form Generator Utility.

I would suggest you experiment with both the XLEcom shareware program and Linklock system to see if they work for you.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer