Paypal Cart

I am having difficulty with the paypal cart(s). Even when I run your demo on xlecom, a little popup window (all blank) comes up, the paypal cart window opens, but the "continue shopping" button does not get me back to your (or my) website, and I need to x out of the paypal window to continue shopping... Is this a bug?

Dr. Rick Williams

RE: Paypal Cart

Dear Dr. Rick Williams:

No, This is not a bug.

This problem seems specific to your computer or operating system. You did not mention what platform you are running, i.e. operating system or web browser.

I have not experienced this problem at all. I have tested the Paypal demonstration website using both Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 and Firefox web browsers. Also, no other user or site visitor has reported experiencing this same problem.

Check your internet web browser settings to see if you can (1) accept third party cookies (deposited form the Paypal shopping cart) and (2) if you have permission to view secure "https" websites. Paypal uses a secure "https" type web page for the Shopping cart.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer