How to change upload directory?

At least for testing I would like to upload this to a different directory on my website. I can only seem to get it to upload to the root directory where I can't have it anyway. How do I change it? I tried putting this in the Host section but it didn't seem to work: Also tried it with a / after temp.

Also I am hoping to use it in a sub directory like and, each with their own products. Is this possible?

Thanks, BF

RE: How to change upload directory?

Using XLEcom's Integrated FTP Upload Utility
If you want to use the XLEcom Integrated FTP utility and upload to a sub-folder on your web server, then you need to do the following:

Via your website's control panel, setup an FTP account for the "specific" sub-folder.

For example:

There are three (3) FTP locations set up within the XLEcom program for evaluation testing of the Integrated FTP Utility. Theses (3) FTP locations are in sub-folders under the domain's root directory as stated below.

Via your website's control panel, assign a User Name / Password for your sub-folder.

You can see in the screen shot image below, the setting for the first FTP sub-folder


Using a Third Party FTP Program
If you require more FTP options, then you need to obtain a dedicated third party FTP utility. There are many freeware and shareware versions available. A couple of recommended FTP programs would be CuteFTP or SmartFTP. You could find other FTP programs by using your favorite search engine to search the internet.

Creating Multiple Stores
Refer to the following topics for information on Creating Multiple Stores:
Saving a New Store / Multiple Stores
Domain Pointers and How to Set Them Up

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer