XLEcom Website Optimization Service

This service is offered to registered XLEcom program users who purchased the program and would like to have their website reviewed and optimized for a Professional Quality presentation. Keep in mind that you will still be able to edit and change your site after the optimization. This service just optimizes your current website in its present condition.

This service is performed by the XLEcom Program Developer, Sam Raheb.

Cost: $250 per store (paid in advanced)
Turn-around time:
1-2 business days (usually in less than 24 hours)
Purchase this Service now: Purchase Registration Code and Technical Support

The Service includes the following:

  • Upgrade you to the latest release of XLEcom if you haven't already done so
  • Clean up and optimize your Product Ads and Database sheet
  • Clean up and optimize your Home and Support Pages
  • Give your Published website a Professional Quality presentation

What you will get back

  • You will receive by email, a single zip file containing the entire XLEcom Program and your published website. Make sure that your email box can accept a single file up to 12 MB in size.

What is required from you?

  • You must have previously purchased and registered the program.
  • Your included XLEcom.xls file must already contain all the information for your entire website. This would include your Product Ads, Categories, shopping cart account, and company website information.
  • Make sure you have already assigned both the main and sub-categories to your Product Ads. Do not assign more than 30 product ads to the same main / sub-category combination.
  • Include all additional file assets for your website (images and other support files).

Getting Started
The first thing you need to do is Purchase this Service - Upon receipt of your purchase, you will be emailed back a "Receipt of Service" that will also include the email address to where you should send your XLEcom website.

Sending your XLEcom Website for Optimization Service

  1. Zip up your entire XLEcom program folder into a single compressed zip archive file. The default installation folder location is C:\Program Files\XLEcom. If you are using WinZip, the easiest way to create the zip file is to right click on your XLEcom folder and choose "Add to Zip" or "Add to XLEcom.zip".
  2. Email the single zip file to the email address you received in the "Receipt of Service" email response.