Getting Started


I have just downloaded your program today and started looking through it, it keeps mentioning the sample data and looking through the sample published website, however, i cannot seem to find it. It probably says it somewhere but there is so much information in the program that it is hard to find anything specific.

Any help would be appreciated, Many Thanks

RE: Getting Started


Demonstration Sample Data
It is highly recommended that you first experiment with the demonstration sample data provided within the program before you begin creating your own Ecommerce web site. By experimenting with this sample data you will quickly learn the program's capabilities and how to use it efficiently.

The sample data within the program is the Electronics store called "DemoStore Online". You can't miss it. All the data you see in the program is initially setup for the sample store.

Demonstration Website - DemoStore Online
You should also review the published demonstration web site so that you will understand how it functions and how you can customize it for your needs.

If you press the "Publish" button, XLEcom will generate the sample DemoStore Online website. This sample website is located in the Publish folder. You can also view the last published website by pressing the "Last Publish" button located across the top of either the Site Design, Home Page Design, or Support Pages sheets.

You can also see a copy of the published DemoStore Online website here: Demo using Mal's Shopping Cart.

Removing the Demonstration Sample Data
After you are familiar with the program you can remove the demonstration sample data using the Utilities function on the Product Design sheet.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer