Drupal Theme Generator version 4

Drupal Theme Generator version 4.0
©2005-2006 by Sam Raheb
August 04, 2006
Designed for use with Drupal versions 4.6.x and 4.7.x
Supports both PHPtemplate and Xtemplate Themes
Includes Source Code

Download the Program

Full version 4.0 Download: Drupal Theme Generator 4.0.zip - includes sample themes (1.59 MB)

Click on the image below to view a sample theme:

More Information - Features and Instructions

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nice, thanks

let me try.

I tried adding this to my

I tried adding this to my petition site with no luck, something is hanging someplace and I am unable to locate it.

Theme Construction Kit for Drupal 5/6

For Drupal 5/6, check out the ATAK theme to build your own: http://drupal.org/project/atck

You should give an upgrade a try. So much new goodness in Drupal now :)

Premium Drupal themes

Drupal Theme Generator 4.0.zip

NICE..!!! can you create one for Joomla or other CMS..??


RE: Drupal Theme Generator 4.0.zip

Sorry, but I am only supporting Drupal CMS at this time.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

I'm newbie

thank's for attention


If we download it in Firefox, its not working, If i download through iexplorer its working, its strange.


Will there be a new version of the Drupal Theme Generator?

I'm wondering if there would be newer version of the "Drupal Theme Generator", ported to Drupal 5.x

Another question, is it possible to port Theme Gen. to OpenOffice (is it compatible)


RE: Will there be a new version of the Drupal Theme Generator?

Will there be a new version of the Drupal CMS Theme Generator for Drupal 5.x?
The latest version of the Drupal Theme Generator (4.0) only supports Drupal versions 4.6.x and 4.7.x. Since I am not currently using any 5.x websites, I have no immediate plans to create a new version of the program for Drupal 5.x. If I install a Drupal 5.x site in the future, I may create a new Drupal Theme Generator 5 version of the program.

The Drupal Theme Generator version 4.0 was based on the Bluemarine 4.6.x and 4.7.x themes and includes the Source Code. It was designed in such a way to allow others to modify it. So you may want to give it a try. Just use the Bluemarine 5.x theme as the master template.

Port to OpenOffice?
This program uses VBA macros in Microsoft Excel. I don't know if these macros would run under Linux or in OpenOffice. This program was designed in Excel 2000 under the Windows XP environment. It has been and tested in both Excel 2000 and 2003. If OpenOffice can import Excel files with VBA macros, then it should work fine.

Drupal Theme Generator Program Developer

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer