Multiple Options Add-to-Cart Form Utility

XLEcom's Multiple Price Options Add-to-Cart Form Utility for Mal's Ecommerce

This is a stand-alone utility program offered independent of the XLEcom program. This stand-alone utility currently supports only Mals' Shopping Cart. You do not need XLEcom to utilize this program. For your Information, this utility is also integrated into the XLEcom program which support both Mal's and Paypal Shopping Carts.

Note: If you are a Paypal user, you can still use Mal's e-commerce shopping cart. Mal's cart can port the final transaction to Paypal if desired.

This utility is provided for users who need to provide their shoppers with multiple prices for different options.

Use the following Excel utility file to simply generate any number of Multiple Price Option Add-to-Cart HTML form code snippets. The Add-to-Cart forms can support up to three (3) drop-down option scroll boxes with each scroll box supporting up to 5 selections. The first of the three scroll boxes can include up to 5 different prices.


  • Both in-page and popup window type shopping carts.
  • Use up to three (3) drop-down option scroll boxes with each scroll box supporting up to 5 selections.
  • You can either use the standard Add-to-Cart form button or an image button.
  • Use any International Currency Symbol.

Experiment with the sample data before entering your own data.

How it works
Simply enter your price and options data into a table and press a button to generate the Add-to-Cart HTML form code. See the Example Output below.

Shareware Version
To edit the Mal's Account Settings, you need to purchase and register the program.

Download: Multiple Options Add-to-Cart Form Utility

Example Add-to-Cart form utilized within a product ad:

The following is the Mal's Shopping Cart Add-to-Cart HTML form code for the above example. As you can see in the HTML code, there are three drop-down selection list boxes, one for the display size, one for the mounting options, and one for the color. This utility program will automatically generate the complete Add-to-Cart HTML form code for you.

    <form action="" method="post">

    <input type="hidden" name="userid" value="98103224">
    <input type="hidden" name="price" value="">
    <input type="hidden" name="product[]" value="">
    <input type="hidden" name="return" value="">
    <input type="text" name="qty" size="3" value="1">&nbsp;

    <select name="productpr">
    <option value="ABCO-15TTFB 15 inch display:150">ABCO-15TTFB 15 inch display ($150)
    <option value="ABCO-17TTFB 17 inch display:250">ABCO-17TTFB 17 inch display ($250)
    <option value="ABCO-19TTFB 19 inch display:350">ABCO-19TTFB 19 inch display ($350)
    <option value="ABCO-20TTFB 20 inch display:450">ABCO-20TTFB 20 inch display ($450)
    <option value="ABCO-24TTFB 24 inch display:950">ABCO-24TTFB 24 inch display ($950)

    <select name="product[]">
    <option value="Desktop Mount">Desktop Mount
    <option value="Wall Mount">Wall Mount

    <select name="product[]">
    <option value="Black">Black
    <option value="Silver">Silver


    <input type="submit" value="Buy Now">


Example Program Output of the Add-to-Cart HTML Form Code for Mal's e-commerce:

XLEcom's Multiple Price Options Add-to-Cart Form Code for Mal's Ecommerce Shopping Cart

You can test the Add-to-Cart form below:




Below is the copy & paste Add-to-Cart form code for this product:

Version 1.2.0 ©2003-2006 Sam Raheb


Mal's e-commerce Shopping Cart results using the above Add-to-Cart form code example: