Item Description file creation

Hi Sam,

I have my site up and running,, for a few months and all is well. I do have a question about the Design Window and the Item Description window.

I have many items that have the same write-up - is it possible to create a single write-up of a product - save it in a Word Text editor, lets say as - tooledbelts-001.txt - and in the Item Description window insert (or somehow point to) tooledbelts001.txt file -

If this were possible it would save lots of time typing item descriptions.

Thanks - Francis J.

RE: Item Description file creation


I assume you are referring to "Creating HTML Product Item Descriptions" using the Item Description Designer Utility.

At this time it operates as a single function, only retaining the data in current dialog box. I will consider adding a "retrieve data" function to a future release of the program.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer