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I have about 200 products that are availible in either of two different materials. Each product has the same picture, description, dimensions, ect, and I would like to have one ad for each product with a choice of material. If the price was the same, it would be no problem, I would just use an option drop down box. But the price and shipping weight of the two options is different.
I would rather not use two ads (one for each item / material combination). I can also figure out how to code each ad by hand so that it displays two "buy now" buttons or hyperlinks, one for each material, but if I did that, I couldn't update for price changes by changing prices in the database.
Sam, or anyone, can you think of an elegant way to accomplish this?


Thanks, I will see if that works for me.



RE: Options question

Here is a way to have multiple options and different prices for an individual Product Ad.

Check out this topic:

Adding a Custom Add-to-Cart Form

The best thing to do is to download and use the Multiple Options Add-to-Cart Form Generator Utility" supplied on the referenced page to generate the multiple options for you. Once you generate the options form code, follow the instructions on this "Adding a Custom Add-to-Cart Form" page to create your final Product Ads.

Check out the following XLEcom user site to see the results: Circle W Leather, LLC.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer