XLEcom Version 3.92 Released

XLEcom Version 3.92 Released

Version 3.92 (3.92.420) released on May 24, 2006

New Features:

  • None

Feature Repair:

  • An irregularity has been found in version 3.91 that in some cases, causes the Product Ad image Hyperlink to correctly open the popup window, but not display the product image. This releases fixes the problem. If you are currently using version 3.91, you can either patch version 3.91 to version 3.91p or download this new 3.92 release.

Upgrading from Version 3.9 or 3.91 to Version 3.92
All the key data form version 3.9x such as the Product Database, Categories, Site Themes, Support Pages, and FTP Account settings can be imported into the new version 3.92 via the Import utility. First export the data from the older 3.9x version using the Export utility and then import the data into the new 3.92 version using the Import utility. The Import / Export utilities can be accessed via the Product Design sheet.

Upgrading from Versions 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, or 3.8 to Version 3.92
For these older versions, see the instructions for upgrading listed under the 3.91 release section.