XLEcom Version 3.91p Patch Released

XLEcom Version 3.91p Patch Released

Release Date: May 24, 2006

Patches / Upgrades XLEcom version 3.91 to version 3.91p
The version number can be found on the "Product Design" sheet, In the bottom right corner.
Warning: This patch is only for version 3.91. Do not apply to any previous version.

An irregularity has been found in version 3.91 that in some cases, causes the Product Ad image Hyperlink to correctly open the popup window, but not display the product image. This patch fixes the problem.

Patch File Download: Patch 3.91 to 3.91p.zip

1. Before you apply this patch, make a backup copy of your XLEcom.xls file.
2. Open the XLEcom version 3.91.419 program file. Make sure the file name is XLEcom.xls.
3. Switch back to the Patch 3.91 to 3.91p.xls workbook and press the button to apply the patch.
4. Save your XLEcom.xls file to retain the patch settings.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer