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Hello Sam,
What a wonderful product! I am almost done with my site, but I have 2 questions before I continue with my project. #1 How can I get the Catagories to show in the order that I entered them instead of Alphabetically? #2 Is it possible to add a search function to the site to find a specific item, as in a specific scent or size?

Thanks for your help,
Duane Morris
Old Fashioned Candle Company

RE: Catagory sort & Site search


Custom Category Sort
The default behavior is to sort the categories alphabetically. If you want to have a custom sort, then place a number before the name of the category titles. This will work for both main and sub category titles. For example: 1. Computers

Adding a Search function to your site
You can add a search function to your site, but this will have to be an external addition. There are many free search addons such as, FM SiteSearch Pro from, and Google's Site-Flavored search.

The following XLEcom User's website uses a Search feature:

Site: The Jonti Online Shop
Search Addon : FM SiteSearch Pro from

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer