Functionality differences between the Shareware and Registered versions

Difference between the Shareware and Registered versions
The intent of releasing this program as Shareware is for you to evaluate it on a demonstration basis. If you like this program, please purchase it. Thank you.

All prices shown on the Published HTML web pages and to the Home Page Design Preview will be modified slightly from the actual values contained within the product database. The actual values within the product database will not be changed. This way you can republish the web pages using the actual values from the product database if you later decide to purchase and register the program. Also, a branding statement will be added to the bottom of each published Product Ad.

Registration Prompts
This program will occasionally prompt the user to register the program. Upon registration, the prompts will be removed.

Online Internet Connection Required
This Shareware program requires the computer running this program be connected to the Internet prior to the start up of the program. If you are not currently online, then the Publishing feature will be disabled and you will not be able to upload any web pages to your web server(s). This online connection requirement is only for the Shareware version. Once the program has been registered, you will not be required to be connected to the Internet to utilize the Publishing feature.

When you initially launch this program, it will check to see of you are connected to the Internet by validating the existence of's web site. Your privacy is not at risk and no personal information is exchanged with the site.

If you found this Online Internet Connection check to be an error, close this program, check to make sure you are connected to the internet and have access to the web site, then restart this program again.