Created my Site - Had problem with FTP

Hi Sam,

I created my site and wanted your comments - I was unable to upload it with the built-in FTP in XLEcom, however, I was able to upload it to my test site - with another FTP Program.

Anyway, would you take a look-see and give me any suggestions you may have.

Thanks - Frank

RE: Created my Site... Helpful Suggestions


Your test site: Circle W Leather, LLC

Cool looking site with a line of great products!

Since you asked, here are my suggestions that will help make your site look more professional in the sense of symmetrical uniformity, which is typically more "pleasing to the eyes".

(1) Either increase the left side width so the product category text does not wrap or reduce the size of the category names.

(2) Don't' center justify the left navigation menus, left justify them.

(3) Use a single column fixed width for your product ads. See the example ads on the XLEcom Paypal Demo.

(4) Use a small phrase for the ad hyperlink, not a long sentence. For example, the following text is too long… "Click to see another picture of the belt. Pay no shipping with three items or more… Instead, use "larger image" as the ad hyperlink and then put "Pay no shipping with three items or more…" or "Free shipping with 3 or more…" as the Stock Note, or in the item description, or as a left side bar ad block as shown in the following reference: How to Create an Advertisement Block.

(5) Use actual thumbnails images as the product ad photos instead of a large image displayed in reduced size. It does require more work, but is will result in a much faster loading website. Many image programs such as ACDsee have utilities that will automatically create thumbnail images for you.

(6) Resize all your product ad and support page images to the correct dimensions so they will be presented well.

(7) Use a 10-point font for your product ads. It just reads better.

(8) Use the "Item Description Designer Utility" to create organized item descriptions. See the following reference: Creating HTML Product Item Descriptions.

(9) For services or statements that are common to most of your ads, place them at the top or bottom of the page. See the following reference: Adding Your Own HTML or Scripting Code.

(10) This is an optional personal opinion, but make the site's border images (frame images) visually blend better with each other so there are no hard defining color separations. For example, in the top frame image going from light to dark brown. Remember to test view your site in both windowed and full screen mode to evaluate the visual impact of the color scheme.

(11) You may want to use a white background for your product ad and support pages. Try both the colored and white backgrounds and ask others for their opinions of what they prefer.

(12) Increase the size of the add-to-cart popup window so it presents the entire cart.

(13) Test your add to cart buttons to ensure functionality.

I hope this helps you,

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer