Using a Third Party FTP Utility

Using a Third Party FTP Utility

The following example image illustrates the FTP settings for a web hosting account using an third party FTP program CuteFTP. The setting shown are the login parameters for a website using both Site5 and XLEcom.

The Initial Remote Directory "public_html" is the root directory of your hosting account. All files uploaded to the "public_html" location will be in the root folder. If you place the index.html file in the "public_html" location (the root directory), then this would be the file that loads in the web browser when a visitor visits your domain. This index.html file is also referred to as the home page.

For example:

    A file in the root directory called index.html will have a server path of "public_html/index.html"
    A level 1 subdirectory called "images" will have a server path of "public_html/images"

In a way, you can consider the server's root directory "public_html" as a transparent path which is used by the web server to serve up web pages.

The Initial Local Directory is the path to the files on your local computer. In this example the path C:\Program Files\XLEcom\Publish is considered the root directory for the published XLEcom website on you computer.

Your final published web site will have the following file structure format. All folders and files beneath the Publish folder, indicated within the red box as shown in the image below, should be uploaded to your web server's root directory. The index.html file is the file that opens in the web browser when a user visits your site.

For more information, see the following pages:

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer