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Click on a link below to download the Shareware program. If you like the program, please purchase a registration code to convert it to a fully operational registered program.

It is important that you read the following information below before you download and run the program.

   • System Requirements - An English version of Excel required for XLEcom only
   • Differences between the Shareware and Registered versions
   • Software License Agreement
   • Upgrading to a New Release of XLEcom

For more information about your first use of the program and about the sample demonstration web site data included in the program, see “Using the XLEcom Program - First Things First”.

XLEcom Downloads




Version 5.4

Version 6.2

Version 6.2

xlecom-setup.exe (16.4 MB)

xlecom-professional.exe (19.7 MB)

xlecom-webmaster.exe (19.7 MB)

More Information

More Information

More Information

The Professional and Webmaster versions have identical features, but that the Webmaster version was designed for those who are into affiliate marketing and advertising. The Webmaster version offers additional features which can be used to create websites that utilize referral based products or websites solely based on RSS feeds.

If you are into creating websites that will render you residual income via advertising or referral based products, then the Webmaster version is the one to choose.

XLEcom's Multiple Price Options Add-to-Cart Form Code Utility for Mal's Ecommerce

Version (47 KB)   [more information]

This is a separate utility program independent of the XLEcom program. You do not need XLEcom to utilize this program. This program is also integrated into the XLEcom program.

By downloading the software, you agree to and accept the terms stated in the Software License Agreement.

Note: As a training aid, this program is initially loaded with data for a demonstration ecommerce store called DemoStore Online. It is highly recommended that you first experiment with this demonstration store before you begin creating your own Ecommerce web site. By experimenting with this sample data you will quickly learn the program’s capabilities and how to use it efficiently.

XLEcom Release History
For information about changes and updates to the XLEcom program, please refer to the XLEcom Release History section.

An XLEcom Website Account is Required to obtain Support and to Post to the Forums
If you want to be able to Contact Us or post to the Forums such as asking questions in the Frequently Asked Questions section, then you need to have a website user account.

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