Displaying the Home Page Title Block

How can I remove the entire block of cells that holds the html code "The XLEcom DemoStore" ? I can delete the text but it leaves a big white space above my products on my home page. How can I remove or hide the entire block?

RE: Displaying the Home Page Title Block

As the XLEcom program stands today, on the Home Page Design sheet, you can only remove the title block cell data (ie. "The XLEcom DemoStore", Cell E6 and not the title block cell itself. I emailed you a custom patch utility file that will Patch the Home Page Design sheet title block cell. After the patch is applied, the title block will be displayed if data is present, and if data is not present not, the title block will not be displayed. The spreadsheet cell will remain visible, but the HTML published results will differ if data is present or not.

This should help you,

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer