Adding Forms to your XLEcom website

Adding Forms to your XLEcom website

Below are Three (3) scenarios and solutions for adding Forms to your XLEcom website

(1) Collecting Non Product Specific General Information
If the data you want to collect is not product ad specific, then either place a custom form on an Support page within your site or collect the data via the Shopping Cart. Check out the data collection options your Shopping Cart service provider offers.

(2) Adding a Form to Each Page
If you want to add a form to "each page", either the product ad or support pages, then use the utility called "Additional Code". This utility was specifically designed for adding your own custom code to the website. More information can be found here: Adding Your Own HTML or Scripting Code

(3) Adding Product Specific Forms to one or all Product Ads
For product specific scroll box selectable options, use the built in option feature (check boxes on the Database sheet).

For adding product specific text boxes, also called input form elements, do the following:

You can add any custom HTML or JavaScript Form to any or all product ad by placing your form code in the "Item Description" field. You must first remove all the line breaks from within the code and then place it into the "Item Description" cells as a single line. To get the form to do what you want is up to you.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer