Is Sales Tracking possible?

Hi Sam!

I originally emailed you a year or so ago about XLECOM software, and you were suprised about my knowing about it before it was released. I'll be purchasing your software shortly, but I do have a question. How can I track sales pending? I apologize if I missed it somewhere else. I'd like to be able to track sales, shipping & packaging staus, and who the order is going to. Can I use PayPal for all of this? Thanks, JIM

Product Add Quantity

Sorry, I posted this in the Data Export thread...

If I create an ad, and I set my product inventory for the add at 5, will the maximum number available for purchase be 5 when published? If yes, what happens to the ad once all 5 are gone? How does the excel sheet stay current with quantity available?

Its not that I would be so fortunate to worry about running out of inventory, but I do sell on ebay as well. I just need to know if I will keep the xls sheet up to date by keeping track of all sources of sales. I really need to do this anyways, I need to keep track how many products I do have.

Thanks, JIM

RE: Product Add Quantity


XLEcom does not "dynamically" keep track of the Inventory you sell. If needed, you can add a sheet to the program to "manually" keep track of the Inventory you sell.

There is also an Inventory example Excel file called "DemoStore with Inventory 10-07-2005.xls" located in the Modules\DemoStore\ folder that came with the program. I suggest you look at this example for a possible way of controlling your inventory. You can either open it manually or better yet, use the Store Module "import" function on the Product Design sheet to seamlessly import it into the program. Save you work before performing the Import. Maybe this example will work for you.

As you can see in the example, some of the User / Option columns in the Database are now used for keeping track of Inventory and additional formulas were added to some of the other columns to make the sheet function as a inventory solution. This way when the inventory is zero (0) for a particular product, the Publish field is changed to false. Take a look at the formulas in the cells so that you can understand how the sheet functions. The formulas are coded with blue color fonts. For functionality with the XLEcom program, remember to uncheck the option boxes along the top of the User columns since these columns are now being used as User data instead of product options.

Keep in mind that this is an example solution for inventory control. You can use this example for controlling inventory or develop an entirely new one. The great thing about the Excel environment is that you can create a solution that meets you goals.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

RE: Is Sales Tracking possible?


Tracking sales, pending orders, shipping & packaging status, and whom the order is going to, are managed via the shopping cart service you choose "independent" of the XLEcom program. Mal's e-commerce has some built in tools for this and so does Paypal. I would suggest that you check into these Free cart services and see what they have to offer.

XLEcom does not utilize a Web Server Database such as MySQL. An XLEcom published web site contains only static HTML pages and images. Therefore you must set up your account's Shopping Cart service options at the cart provider's website.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer