Limitations of XLecom

I currently use Mals with a site I designed 3 years ago in Frontpage for a cricket equipment shop, it's not database driven and is therefore quite time consuming to update.

I'm now looking at options to move to a store that the owner can have more control over ie for stock etc.

I've downloaded xlecom and just started to have a look at it, but wonder if it has a max number of users that can be viewing/searching the shop at anyone time? (this is reported to be a problem with using an access database)

Also there doesn't seem to be many users of this software posting there sites, can some one post more successful xlecom sites please?

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RE: Limitations of XLEcom


I assume you are asking about multiple user access to the Excel file itself. The only limitation is for multiple users to "edit" the same Excel file at the same time. See the following posts for more information regarding this issue.

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About XLEcom users posting links to their websites…

There are many user of the program, but for some reason they have not posted a link to their website on this website. I do not know why, but maybe they just forgot to post one.

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Sam Raheb
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My mistake, I'm still reading through all the info on your website.
I (wrongly) assumed that the site was driven by the excel doc, that's why I was asking about the number of visitors on the website at the same time, I now realise that the website is html and is just created by the excel.
But here's another question for you, if you say change the price or stock of an item I assume you have to recreate the html ??
Also say you have an item within a category & on the homepage that had a change you would have to update both html doc ? as the html documents are just dumb files.
I was originally looking for some software that I could setup and my customer could edit prices & stock online.

RE: XLEcom


If you change the price or stock of an item, I assume you have to recreate the html ?

Yes, You have to re-publish any pages that required updating. But keep in mind that the re-publish and upload step only takes a couple of minutes to perform.

If you want to be able to edit an ecommerce website online via a web browser, then you need an ecommerce solution that requires a database. This is another alternative, but you may therefore be dependent on an ecommerce hosting service provider.

XLEcom was designed to provide you with a means to create and manage any number of Ecommerce websites (web stores) keeping you completely independent of all Ecommerce type Web Hosting Service providers. You can have one or even a 100 web stores without having to incur any additional cost.

XLEcom does not require a Web Server Database such as MySQL. An XLEcom web site contains only HTML pages and images. Therefore, you can utilize any type of low cost web hosting service or even host your website for free at home using your broadband internet connection.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

I use XLEcom for my website


I use this program for my website and I have had no problems with it at all. I actually like it. It makes it very simple for even non-html inclined people to build a very nice e-commerce website. Now, that being said, I know html and could write my site by hand. However, this is just select and click simple, and I am lazy with this website. Not that I don't like making money, but I keep up three different websites. Only one is e-commerce. The other are fairly labor intensive and use multiple databases, online learning, live audio feeds etc. Although I am now where near finished with the website, you may visit my e-commerce website. It is at: It is live, so please do not order from it. Thanks,
Dorian Flowers