Additional code ABOVE the top navigation bar

Hi! Is there a way within XLEcom to insert body-type html code to display content ABOVE the "top" navigation bar, in non-framed web-sites? (without opening the published files in another program)

The "additional code" feature allows you to add html at the top of the product ad frame (even in the non-framed web-sites), but what I need is to display stuff ABOVE all frames. Is there a way to achieve that?



RE: Additional code ABOVE the top navigation bar


For a non-framed website, use the "Additional Code" function to place your custom code in the "Before the </head> end tag" sections for both the Product Ad and Support Pages. See the referenced documentation on the Adding Your Own HTML or Scripting Code page.

You can also add custom code to the site using an external .js file JavaScript method similar to the method described on the Adding How to Create an Advertisement Block page for creating an Advertisement Block. This method uses the document.write JavaScript function.

Using this external file JavaScript method, you can place a script statement, similar to the one below, anywhere you want in the html document.

<script language="JavaScript" src="custom_code.js"></script>

The script will run when the page is downloaded to the visitor's computer and the contents of the .js file will be dynamically written out to the document when it is presented on the visitor's screen.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer