Overriding image width restrictions


In the two-ads-per-row layout (standard widths), XLEcom has a restriction on the maximum width of the image - 100 pixels. Is there a way to override this restriction? I am selling elaborate works of art, so the image is more important than the title -- and 100 pix is too small -- I need to make it 150 pix or even more for some store modules (but I do need to preserve the two-ads-per-row design).

Thanks a bunch!


RE: Overriding image width restrictions


There is no 100-pixel limit. The so-called Product image width limit is based on the "Ad fixed width size". Using the "Ad Design" function, first increase the "Ad fixed width size" and then increase the Product image section width. The alert messages will inform you about what you can do. See the referenced image on the XLEcom's Product Ad Properties page.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer