Site Themes and Colors

XLEcom Site Themes

The information presented on this page is also available via the Help buttons as shown in the Dialog Box image below.

XLEcom includes 55 customizable web site themes. You can add, modify, or delete the current themes, or create completely new themes to suit your needs.

There are two ways to edit the current Site Themes or to create your own custom themes using the XLEcom program:

  • Use the GUI "Site Theme" Utility within the program, or
  • Export the Site Themes using the "Site Theme Export" Utility, then modify the site themes using a standard spreadsheet interface.

Images and Graphics
You can edit or create new frame and header Site Theme graphics using your favorite Photo / Image editor. These Site Theme images are located within the default installation directory:
C:\Program Files\XLEcom\Assets\images\themes

Global Settings Changes via the Web Site Theme
Any changes you make the Web Site Theme will propagate throughout the rest of the program. In other words, the "Ad Design" and "Site Setup" sections will automatically be updated with the changes you make to the Web Site Theme.

Site Themes and Image Files
Either select a pre-defined Site Theme from the drop down scroll box or customize a Site Theme by first selecting a Theme from the drop down scroll box and then selecting the images by clicking on the folder icons. To view your selected Theme in your web browser, click on the "Preview Theme" button.

Product Ads, Product Navigation menus, and Support Pages Border Properties
To apply a colored border around the perimeter of the Product Ads, Product Navigation Menus, and Support Pages, check the box, press the "Change Colors" button, and choose a color from the "Border Color" drop down scroll box. To apply a colored "Decoration Header", check the box, press the "Change Colors" button, and choose a color from the "Fill Color" drop down scroll box. The Body Area Header Statement is common on all Support Pages. To suppress it, uncheck the check box.

Note: The Body Area uses the same color as the "Decoration Header" of the Product Ads.

Font Properties
Select the font colors and bold properties for the text within the three (3) outer frames / areas (top, left, and bottom). You can also change these font properties using the "Site Setup" function.

Saving and Renaming Web Site Themes
To overwrite the displayed theme with the current settings, press the "Save" button. To save the current settings as a new theme, enter a new name in the edit box and press the "Save as New" button. To rename the current theme, enter a new name  in the edit box and press the "Rename" button. To permanently save your Site Theme additions / modifications, you must save this Excel file.

Site Themes included with the XLEcom Program

3D Blue Gray

3D Solid Gray

Green Water Drops

3D Camo

3D Sunset

Purple Mood

3D Camo Leather


Purple Mood Blacktop1

3D Gray Checks

Blue Mood

Purple Mood Blacktop2

3D Hollow Sunset

Blue Mood Blacktop1

Purple Mood Stripe

3D Hollow Transparent

Blue Mood Blacktop2

Red Brick

3D Hollow White

Blue Mood Stripe

Red Mood

3D Machine Blue


Red Mood Blacktop1

3D Machine Green

Craggy Red

Red Mood Blacktop2

3D Machine Maroon

Gray Steel

Red Mood Stripe

3D Machine RY Gradient

Green Cards

Red Rings

3D Machine Sunset

Green Leaf


3D Maroon

Green Mood

Spatch Stripe

3D Maroon Frame

Green Mood Blacktop1


3D Military

Green Mood Blacktop2

Transparent (no font colors)

3D Military Hardware

Green Mood Stripe


3D Military Transparent

Green Scrub

White Mood

3D Purple

Green Scrub Olive

3D Rainbow

Green Scrub Red

XLEcom HTML Colors
The following table list the HTML colors used within the XLEcom program. These HTML colors are presented here as support for users who want to create their own custom web site themes. There are 438 colors to choose from. You can also preview these HTML colors from within the program.