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I am trying to add an image for accepting paypal payments that would go on the right hand side along with the other forms of payment accepted images. The image that I have looked terrible, so I was wondering if you had a paypal image that went with the other credit card images already in XLEcom.

Also, the current product category listing is not appearing at the top of my product pages. It appears in XLEcom when I preview the ad, but once the website is uploaded and published it is not there any longer. Do you know what could be causing this and how I can fix it.

I hope you have a great holiday and thank you for everything. I love this program! It has allowed us to get our website up faster than I imagined.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carrie Moore

RE: Paypal Image


(1) Here is the paypal image used on the XLEcom home page. I made this custom image: PayPal Image

You can also use Google's Image search to find a paypal logo: Paypal Logo

(2) I do not quite understand what you exactly mean by "the current product category listing is not appearing at the top of my product pages".

Can you be more specific ? What product category listing ?

I have checked out your site and it looks pretty good, but I don't see what you mean by "appearing at the top of my product pages". What is the location you are refeering to?

Does the XLEcom Mal's demo site "have" what your site is missing?
If it does, then point out what is missing between your site and the XLEcom Mal's demo site so I can identify what you are refeering to.

Take Care and have a Happy Thanksgiving,

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

How do I add a Category Title?


I looked on the Mal's demo site and on the paypal demo site and neither one have what I was talking about for the current product category. What I was trying to find out and fix was when you are creating the product ads in XLEcom and preview them above the product ad it says "Current Product Category: Category >> Sub Category" or in my case "Current Product Category: Ford >> Taurus". Originally this was appearing on my published web site I believe, but now it does not, and the Ford >> Taurus appears in smaller letters by the scroll bar, as you are scrolling through the parts. I would like to had the "Current Product Category: Category >> Sub Category" appear above the product ads. If this was not originally a setting in XLEcom. Could it be added through the editing HTML function?

Also on the paypal image, the one you sent me helps a lot, but I was hoping for one, that was already incorporated with the credit card image (that would have the visa, mastercard, discover, american express image all beside each other along with PayPal). Do you have one like this? If not I can try to incorporate the one you sent me with the others through a picture editing software.

Thank you so much for your help!


RE: How do I add a Category Title?


(1) As far as the Paypal image concern, you will have to make one using your image editing program. I do not have one like the one you requested.

(2) The Product Ad Category Title your requested was not originally part of the Publish routine, so I developed two methods you can use to accomplish the results. I created a separate topic for this issue because others may want to do the same thing.

See the following page for adding a category title to the Product Ad pages:

Adding a Category Title to the Product Ad Pages

This information should help you.

Take care,

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer