Store Modules

XLEcom Store Modules
This program has the capability to both Create new Store Modules and to Import pre-configured or previously saved Store Modules into the program.

A pre-configured Store Module would be a complete Ecommerce store already populated with products available to sell online. All you have to do is import a Store module into this program, Publish the web site, and upload the published files to your web server.

What is contained in a Store Module
A Store Module contains all the necessary information for an ecommerce store. You can import either a pre-configured or previously saved Store Module into this program or create an entirely new Store Module.

A Store Module consist of the following three items:
   1. An Excel file (xls) which contains both the product database and category data.
   2. The product ad images used within the web site.
   3. The support HTML, PDF, and other files used within the web site.

The rest of the image assets associated with the web site such as the ad-items, add-to-cart buttons, site themes, and general website images are "common site images". "Common site images" are images that are utilized and available to any web site. Therefore, these "common site images" do not need to be either imported or saved to a Store Module.

Standard and Inventory Type Sample Stores include with the program
This program is initially loaded with data for a Standard demonstration ecommerce store called DemoStore Online. This demonstration store features electronic consumer products. There is also another version of this demonstration store, included as a Store Module, that supports Inventory control. This Inventory control Store Module is located in the \Modules\DemoStore directory, and the file name is "DemoStore with Inventory mm-dd-yyy.xls" where mm-dd-yyyy is the date the file was created.

XLEcom's Pre-configured Store Modules (XPSM) - Coming Soon !
The advantages of using XLEcom's Pre-configured Store Modules (XPSM) is that all products sold on a store owner's web site via these XPSM Modules, would be fulfilled (dropped shipped) from the supplier / distributor of the products, directly to the store owner's customers. This way, the store owner would not need to maintain an inventory of products to sell or have to deal with the shipping of products to the customers.

For example, if you want to set up an Electronic or Sporting Goods store, all you have to do is download the XPSM Store Module for that particular store, import it into the XLEcom program, Publish the web site, and upload the published files to your web server. In theory, you can have as many different types Ecommerce stores as you desire. You can obtain XLEcom's Pre-configured Store Modules (XPSM) here at