How to display related items on an ad page.

Hi Sam,
I'm very impressed by your app!
I would like to have an ad displayed on my site and just below it other ads for related items.
These need to be specific to the initial ad.
Also I want to have a link to these items within the first ad - to prompt viewers to look/jump down the page - (which could be put in the description) but would be better as a link to encourage further exploration as well.
Ideally a dual function link which pulls up a dialogue box that asks "do you want to add this to your cart?" before proceeding. Am I asking too much?

RE: How to display related items on an ad page

Dear Gus:

What you are asking for, is out of the realm of this XLEcom program. Any type of customizing you do to the website can be done of either two ways:

(1) Adding Your Own HTML or Scripting Code, click here for more information

(2) Use XLEcom as an "engine" for producing Product Ads, and then import these Product Ads into your favorite HTML web authoring program.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer