Hosting your Website at Home for FREE

Host your website at home for FREE using your Broadband Internet Connection

First of all, XLEcom does not utilize or require any Web Server Databases such as MySQL. An XLEcom published web site is composed of only HTML pages and images. Therefore you can host your website for FREE at home using your broadband connection.

There are many ways to host your web site from home. You can either use an expensive full-power server software package such as Microsoft Server or a FREE simple hosting utility such as Abyss Web Server.

XLEcom's Web Site Publishing Format
Your final published XLEcom web site will have the following file structure format. The Publish folder on your computer contains your entire website. The red box shown in the image below indicates the "root folder" of your website and is considered to be your web server's "root directory". The index.html file is the file that is automatically opened in the visitor's web browser when your website is accessed via its domain name.

Setting Up a Home based Web Server
First of all you need to register a domain name for your website. You must register the name with a Registration Service provider that provides you with a control panel to manage your domain name. You will need to change some properties of your domain name such as pointed it to your home based web server's IP address. An excellent Domain Name Registration Service provider that provides an extensive control panel is Bluehill's They can also provide you with a backroom account where you can manage one or multiple domain names.

Next you need to download a web server utility that will turn your computer or a folder on your computer into a web server for hosting your website. You can use the FREE Abyss Web Server utility available at For a Windows based machine, the download file is only 255 KB  in size.

Before you set up your home based web server, you should acquire some background knowledge on the hosting process. You can download a free PDF document called Unlimited Web Space available at which explains hosting and how it is accomplished.

Note: Technical Support for this web hosting topic is not available because it falls outside the realm of the XLEcom program.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer