Adding more detail

I need to have more input cells. I know that there are 5 user options that data can be entered into and turned into a drop down field, but I need to have these fields static, but still show up on the product ad. Is there anyway to do this?



Adding a 2nd Drop-down box

Hi Sam!
I am using all of your options fields for my customers to choose if they want Whole Beans, Course Gind, Fine Grind, etc. However, I also need to add another drop down box for Standard Roast, French Roast etc.

Do I have to add an entire form for this one drop down box - with its own send and clear form button? Or is it possible to add the drop down box but have the add-to-cart button include the new option as well?


DC Jones ~www.patsdcafe.come

RE: Adding a 2nd Drop-down box


You have two options to add more drop down selections to your Product Ads.

(1) You can manually edit the published Product Ad page that contains the form code for the product ad by inserting another option line in the form code.

(2) You can add a Custom Add-to-Cart Form to your Product Ads. See the following topic for more information. There is also a utility that you can download off this page to make it easier for you to construct the Custom Add-to-Cart Form.

Adding a Custom Add-to-Cart Form

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

Using user fields for customer text input

I sell rubber stamps and awards and need to have a text field for the customer to input text into. I might need any where from 40 characters to 240 characters. I also need to select ink color, plaque color, font type, size and justification. How do you allow customer input or do you go to the add to cart page to enter the details?

RE: Using user fields for customer text input

Below are Three (3) scenarios and solutions for adding Forms to your XLEcom website

(1) Collecting Non Product Specific General Information
If the data you want to collect is not product ad specific, then either place a custom form on an Support page within your site or collect the data via the Shopping Cart. Check out the data collection options your Shopping Cart service provider offers.

(2) Adding a Form to Each Page
If you want to add a form to "each page", either the product ad or support pages, then use the utility called "Additional Code". This utility was specifically designed for adding your own custom code to the website. More information can be found here: Adding Your Own HTML or Scripting Code

(3) Adding Product Specific Forms to one or all Product Ads
For product specific scroll box selectable options, use the built in option feature (check boxes on the Database sheet).

For adding product specific text boxes, also called input form elements, do the following:

You can add any custom HTML or JavaScript Form to any or all product ad by placing your form code in the "Item Description" field. You must first remove all the line breaks from within the code and then place it into the "Item Description" cells as a single line. To get the form to do what you want is up to you.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

Larger Images

Hi Sam,

I have just been having a look at the shopping cart software. Most shopping cart software has the ability to produce a larger image by clicking on the thumbnail one. I do not appear to be able to do this with this program. Is there any way of producing a larger image?

I am perfectly happy with resizing images & do not the program to do this but ideally there should be some way of showing a potential customer a more detailed image if he is interested.

Thanks Alan.

RE: Larger Images


You can use the "Ad Comment Hyperlink" feature on the Product Design sheet for creating a link for viewing larger images.

Take a look a the Mal's Web Store Demo and you will see what I mean. Look at the home page Ad with the "Bigger Image" link.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

RE: Adding more detail


I don't quite understand what you mean exactly by needing these fields to be static and showing up on the Product Ads. Can you explain in detail what you are trying to accomplish? This way I may be able to offer you a solution.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

RE:RE: Adding more detail


I am a distributor of suspension parts for cars. I wanted to set up the product ads to display all the factors that determine what part they need and to be able to sort by these different parts. I am using the categories and sub-categories for the make and models of the car and I would like to be able to use the options fields to display the location for the part, how many are needed for each car and what engine the part applies to. But I can only see the options as drop down menus. Is there any way to remove the drop down menus and still see the information? I hope this made more since.


RE: Adding more detail solution


If you uncheck the options check boxes, then these 5 user columns become static columns and the data in these columns will not appear in the Products Ads.

If you want the data in these columns to appear in the Product Ads, but not as Add-to-Cart options, then you can add the data to the Item Description column. If you want to "automatically" augment the 5 user column data with the data in Item Description, use a formula in the Item Description column that is something like this:

In cell H3 (Item Description column), add the following formula:

="Your current description"&" "&J3&" "&K3&" "&L3&" "&M3&" "&N3

where ‘Your current description' is the original Item Description text in cell H3. Keep in mind that if you original Item description contains quotation marks, then you must first replace all the single quotation marks in the original Item Description with double quotation marks, and then add the =" before the Item Description and a " to the end of the Item Description.

Remember to uncheck the Item Description check box in the "Overrides" setting on the Product Design sheet so that your Item Description formulas will not be over written if you use the Ad Design form on the Product Design sheet for creating your Product Ads.

This will formula will concatenate the Item Description with the data in the 5 user cells.

For Example:
If your original Item Description is ‘Your current description' and the 5 user cells contain 'Beige, 'Black', 'White', 'Silver', 'Red' respectively, then the concatenated Item Description using the above formula would yield:

Your current description Beige Black White Silver Red

You can add any other text or HTML code between the " " in the &" "& part of the formula. In this example the &" "& represents a single space.

Refer to this page for more information on the option check boxes Add-to-Cart Buttons.

I hope this helps you,

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer