System Requirements

The following are the System Requirements for XLEcom

Operating System
Microsoft® Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, or any 2003 Server version

Internet Browser
Any Internet Browser, for example: Microsoft® Internet Explorer or Mozilla® Firefox

Microsoft Excel (* English version)
A full installation of Microsoft® Excel 2000, 2002 (XP), or 2003

XLEcom has not been tested in either the new Microsoft® Windows Vista operation system or in the new Excel 2007 application. Changes to both the file format the programming environment in Excel 2007 may not be compatible with XLEcom. For a quick test to see if the XLEcom program even opens in Excel 2007, just download the xls file itself (XLEcom.xls) in Option 3 from the download page. If XLEcom does open successfully, then download the full installation of the program.

XLEcom is a program that runs within Microsoft Excel and is driven by Excel Macros. Therefore, your installation of Excel must include support for both VBA and XLM macro code. For security reasons, in Excel's default installation, Microsoft disabled macro support for Excel programs that contain macros due to the fear of Macro viruses. This program is not a virus and requires that your version of Excel runs macros.

Enabling Excel Macros
To enable macros, launch Excel, go to the top Tools menu and select Macro, then Security. Next, select the security "Medium" or "Low" option. The "Low" option is recommended. If you do not choose the "Low" option, Excel will then prompt you every time you open the XLEcom program to allow macros to run.

Enabling Excel XLM Macros
If you cannot run the XLEcom program due to Excel's XLM Macro security issues, then please read the following: Enabling Excel XLM Macros

* Why an English version of Excel?
XLEcom was initially developed and tested in US versions of Microsoft Excel. However, many users from both the UK and Australia have been successfully using XLEcom with there native version of Excel. You are welcome to evaluate the program in non-US versions of Excel, but no guarantees or warrantees are given that it will function properly in non-US versions. If you do not encounter macro errors in non-US versions of Excel, then everything should be OK.