Creating Product Ad Pages

Creation of the Product Ad Pages
The Product Ad pages are automatically generated by the program and are accessed via the left side navigation menus on the Published pages. These product ad pages are sequentially numbered page_001.html to page_xxx.html. If you press the "Category Review" button, you will see how the products will be arranged on these pages. You can view a good illustration of this product ad layout if you refer back to the demo data program. See the Product Menus and Category Review image below.

Both the product ad pages and the navigation menus are automatically created by the program based on the main and sub categories you choose for the Product Ads. All products ads that use the same main and sub categories will be placed on the same page. Take a look on how the demo data's main and sub categories are laid out in the database. If you do not assign main and sub categories, then all the product will be listed under a default Main category called "Products" and a sub category called "General Items".

Product Menus and Category Review
This dialog box is a review summary of all the products set to be Published in the Database and how they will be published to the web site. It summarizes the Products / Page, HTML Page Name, and the actual menu hierarchy based on the categories you selected.

Using the page_xxx.html file naming convention

Using the main_category_sub_category.html file naming convention

Product Ad Order Publishing
Keep in mind that the Product Ads will be Published in the order they reside within the Product Database. Therefore, if you want the individual Product Ads on each of the product pages to appear in a particular order, from the top to the bottom of the page, then sort the Product Database in the order you desire prior to Publishing the web site.

For example, if you sort the Product Database by List Price in ascending order (from lowest to highest), then the Product Ads will appear on the product pages in the same List Price ascending order. In this case, the lowest priced products appearing at the top of the page and the highest priced products appearing towards the bottom of the page. If you want the products to appear in alphabetical order, then sort the products by the Ad Title in ascending order prior to Publishing your web site.

Note: The Product Ad sort order does not affect the order of how the Main and Sub Category navigation menus appear within the web site. The Main and Sub Category navigation menus are always Published in alphabetical order. Therefore, you may want to consider how you name both your Main and Sub Category titles. Note: You can also prefix the Main category titles with a number in order to create a custom publishing order.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer