Run-time error '70: Permission denied

Hi Sam.
1st... I Love the Program - It's Great.
I have I possible Bug/Problem and a question.

PROBLEM: I published my site yesterday and it is up and running. However, today, I added 2 pages to my site and modified my Home page. When I published it, I got the following error code: "Run-time error '70': Permission denied".

The home page showed up modified but the 2 new pages did not show up at all. I checked in the publish/html folder and they were not there.
I have not changed anything on my computer at all.

I run WindowsXP PRO on a 1.3GHZ with 1GIG of RAM.

QUESTION: I have looked everywhere for the version number of the program I am running and can't find it - how do we tell? I want to make sure I have the latest upgrade.

Thanks for your help.
- Carlos

RE: Run-time error '70: Permission denied


Version Number Identification
The version number can be found in two places on the "Product Design" sheet. (1) In the bottom right corner and (2) by pressing the About button.

XLEcom Release History
To see the changes to the XLEcom program, check out the Release History page. More information about the details of each revision including screen shot images can be found within the News and Announcements Forum Section.

Run-time error '70': Permission denied
Where did you see or get this error message? Did Excel or some other program produce this error? Anyways, zip up and email me the xlecom.xls file so I can see what is happening.

Support Pages
What did you mean by "I added 2 pages to my site"? Are theses two pages "Product Ad" pages or "Support pages"? If these two pages were Product Ad pages, did you assign both a Main and Sub category to the products? Please check out this page (Creating Product Ad Pages) before responding back to me.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

Support Pages were added

Hi Sam - thanks for the quick reply.
I added 2 Support Pages. My Product Ad Pages show up just fine.

The error message pops up in a dialogue box tiled: "Microsoft Visual Basic" and in the box is this message: Run-time error '70':
Thse choices at the bottom of the box are: Continue (which is not selectable), End (which I select), Debug (which is not selectable, and Help (which is selectable) Permission denied.

When I click on Help the following info screen shows up titled "Microsoft Excel Help" ...

Permission denied (Error 70)

An attempt was made to write to a write-protected disk or to access a locked file. This error has the following causes and solutions:

You tried to open a write-protected file for sequential Output or Append.
Open the file for Input or change the write-protection attribute of the file.

You tried to open a file on a disk that is write-protected for sequential Output or Append.
Remove the write-protection device from the disk or open the file for Input.

You tried to write to a file that another process locked.
Wait to open the file until the other process releases it.

You attempted to access the registry, but your user permissions don't include this type of registry access.
On 32-bit Microsoft Windows systems, a user must have the correct permissions for access to the system registry. Change your permissions or have them changed by the system administrator.

That is the end of the Help file.

I am the administrator and I'm sure that none of your (XLE's) files are write-protected files.

It only pops up when I attempt to publish my site now.

Hey... I just looked at my site again and found out something strange... the extra page links show up underneath the top bar where the other links are, and, they show up as regular underlined links. So, they are there, but in the wrong place.

My website is Check it out and see what you think the problem is.

- Carlos

RE: Support Pages were added


Run-time error '70': Permission denied
I checked out your file using Window XP Pro and ran it in both Excel 2000 and 2003. I did not encounter any errors during Publishing.

The Error message "Run-time error '70: Permission denied" is a write-protected message.

Just make sure you are not Publishing to a write-protected disk or that the files you are replacing with the newly published files are not opened by another application. If you selected the option to delete the previous published files during the Publish routine but you have any of the old files opened by another application, then you may receive and error message because the program is trying to delete a file that is currently accessed by another application.

Support Pages
I looked at your web site and it appears that the two added Support pages are actually there but the top navigation menus are wrapping. To solve this wrapping problem, either choose a smaller font or reduce the number of words in the top navigation menus.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer