Creating HTML Product Item Descriptions

Item Description Designer Utility

The Item Description Designer Utility is provided to help you create visibly organized HTML Item Descriptions for your Product Ads. You do not have to use this utility. You can just enter your text directly into the Item Description box on the Product Design sheet if desired.

The Item Description Design Utility can be accessed via the graphic button that looks like a pencil and triangle on the Product design sheet.

This utility will automatically insert all the necessary HTML code needed within your  Item Description text for both the paragraphs and bulleted items. The 5 edit boxes below the default Description title are used for paragraph type text. The 10 edit boxes below the default Specifications title are used for bulleted items. Each of these edit boxes are limited to 254 characters.

Use the Spell Check button to spell check all the text. Use the HTML Preview button to preview the actual Item Description in HTML format within your web browser. Use the Transfer to Form button to transfer the Item Description into the Item Description box on the Product Design sheet. Use the Show Example button to view a sample Item Description.

The following is an example of how the Product Ad Item Description will look if you use this utility. The font properties are dependent on the settings you selected using the AD Design utility.

   Introducing the next generation of UltraPro™ Series Flat Panel LCDs from ABCO. ABCO 15"
   15TTFB Black Flat Panel LCD Monitor.

   The ABCO UltraPro™ offers bright crisp color resolutions and distortion free images with a
   fast refresh rate.

   Compliant Standards - UL, CSA, DHHS, FCC-B, MPR-II, NUTEK, ISO 9241, EPA Energy Star

   • Model #15TTFB
   • Native Resolution: 1024 x 768
   • 0.24mm Pixel Pitch horizontal
   • 0.14mm Pixel Pitch vertical
   • 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

The Item Name field should not contain any HTML code or carriage returns / line breaks (alt-enter). The Item Name field data is critical and is transferred to the Shopping Cart. It should only contain a short description of the product.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer