XLEcom is an easy to use software program that provides a simple solution to creating Low Cost, Professional looking Ecommerce websites using Microsoft® Excel. You can host your websites on any type of web server.

XLEcom - A Complete Ecommerce Website Design Program for users of Microsoft Excel ®

What do you need to do?

(1) Create 1000's of Paypal or Mal's e-commerce Shopping Cart Buttons?
(2) Design a Fully functional Shopping Cart EcommerceWebsite?
(3) or Develop Affiliate Marketing and Advertising websites for Residual Income?

You do any, all, and more with XLEcom. Download and try it out for FREE




The original low cost version for creating Ecommerce websites

Same as the Standard version plus additional site design features

Same as the Professional version plus additional affiliate marketing and advertising features

Demo Site - Mal's Ecommerece Cart
Demo Site - PayPal's Cart

Demo Site - Mal's Ecommerce Cart
(includes both Expandable / Collapsible Item Descriptions and Integrated Site Search)

Demo Site - Mal's Ecommerce Cart
Demo Site - Amazon.com Products




More Information

More Information

More Information

All programs support both Paypal and Mal's e-commerce FREE Shopping Carts.

The Professional and Webmaster versions have identical features, but that the Webmaster version was designed for those who are into affiliate marketing and advertising. The Webmaster version offers additional features which can be used to create websites that utilize referral based products or websites solely based on RSS feeds.

If you are into creating websites that will render you residual income via advertising or referral based products, then the Webmaster version is the one to choose.


  • Uses Microsoft® Excel -No other software required !
  • Create 100% Complete Ecommerce Shopping Cart Web Sites
  • Includes all site generation and FTP file uploading features
  • Includes 55 customizable web site themes
  • Completely Independent of Ecommerce Service Providers
  • Supports both Paypal and Mal's e-commerce FREE Shopping Carts
  • Host your Ecommerce web sites anywhere, even from home
  • Sites are setup up for search engine indexing and classification
  • All New Releases of XLEcom are FREE to current XLEcom users. So you can upgrade at anytime !
  • Many More Features >>

XLEcom Demonstration Websites

Demonstration site

Mal'sS hopping Cart
Condensed Product Catalog
(Long Descriptions OFF)

Demonstration Site

PayPal's Shopping Cart
Descriptive Product Catalog
(Long Descriptions ON)